I have so much respect for Zaheer. I don’t think I ever had this feeling for an avatar villain before. I mean, Zuko was never a villain. Azula was awesome! I love Azula! Greatest villain of all times ever. She was so cold yet they managed to make her human somehow throughout the series. True Queen this one, but there was no respect there. Ozai was just an antagonist, he didn’t have much personality on his own. He was just a guy with power that would never stop.

Amon was a good villain but no respect there too. Srly dude, that’s not how you solve a problem. (I still think he could have another season tho, there was more to that story to be told). Unalaq was just slimy, please go way! A lot of things happened that season, a lot of shit going on but nothing specific on him as a person to draw my attention. But Zaheer, oh glob Zaheer, I just want him to win. I don’t even care what he plans to do to Korra (eat her maybe and absorb her power).

Zaheer i just love him ok a:tlk he plans to eat her

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